Parker 51 Custom Vintage Fountain Pen in Teal with Rolled Gold Insignia Cap – England c.1968

Parker 51 Custom Vintage Fountain Pen in Teal with Rolled Gold Insignia Cap – England c.1968

View Full Version : Parker. So, what’s your Parker Preference? How Much Ink Parker 51 Back in the ’51’ saddle again.. A moment of madness and though it worth the risk, what do you think? Vac51 Harlequin converter Ooops.. I did it again!

Parker 51 Flighter Finish – Date Coded?

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These pencils were usually not date stamped (until the Aerometric 51 pencils came along) so I have no idea of the date of the pen. It is marked.

Parker Company knew it had a winner. The pen was stylish but not flashy, durable but not clunky, and reliable but not overengineered. Over the next 31 years, the pen proved itself immensely popular. Tales are told of people who, unable to afford a whole pen, would purchase only a cap to clip in a pocket, giving the appearance of a complete pen.

It was designed to be an everyday, hardworking, trouble-free, reliable writer. They applied the best available technology in the most effective way possible to perform the very difficult task of writing under virtually any conceivable conditions, and the result was U. Patent N o 2,, , filed by Marlin S. Baker on January 6, , and issued to him on December 3, However, as brilliant as the design is, it was not entirely original. On June 7, , an independent inventor named Russell T.

Wing filed for protection on a design that covered the basic concepts of the hooded nib and ink collector, and on January 16, , he received U. Patent N o 2,,

The Captain’s Cabin

Parker “51” Vacumatic Filler “First Year” The Parker “51” commonly referred to as a “First Year” pen is really a pen from late through They can be easily distinguished from later production by several unique characteristics.

date code are clearly on the barrel. GFT. Brushed Lustraloy (stainless steel) cap. Fine nib. New-old-stock. Mint. $ Parker 51 Signet Aerometric in​.

Click for a larger version of this picture. Medium to Slightly Broad nib, Aerometric fill system. These costs will be added to your invoice at checkout. Please select UK, Europe or World delivery to ensure you pay the right amount. This vintage fountain pen was made by Parker in the USA. In the montage it simply looks Black as it is what we would call a Bottle Green and very dark.

Well nibs and caps are changed over the years so for approximate date I think we have to go by the filler sleeve and settle on c This conflict of dates and origin is reflected in the price. Dating aside the aerodynamic design of the “51” has made it a classic and the plaudits it has received over the years both in terms of design and reliability are well deserved. The pen barrel carries no text or date code. Condition is good with some minor surface wear to the barrel. They are also an ideal vintage fountain pen to start a collection.

All fountain pens are professionally serviced and bench tested prior to offering for sale. A further inspection is carried out before despatch.

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This April Parker “51” ad proclaims, “YEARS AHEAD OF ITS TIME. given in Anatomy of a Fountain Pen IV: The Parker “51” (Aero-metric Version). Pens made before Parker stopped date-coding its pens have a date.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Email to a Friend. One of the most sold pens ever, long running pen as well as most reliable. The pen was decades in development, and the results were simply astonishing. The first fully hooded nib, which makes ink drying on the nib more difficult, i. This also provided a protection to the nib.

The pen design embodies everything we love about the 60s “jet and space” era inspired design. Looking it from the side the pen looks like a streamlined jet airplane, simply beautiful and elegant writing instrument that captured the hearts and souls of the people. The 51 had number of designs, colors, variations; hence it is one of the most collected pen in the world today. From the design features of the pen, we can date it to be made approximately in the early 50s. The features dating it are the shape of the cap and clip, Mother of Pearl like crown, the rounded end of the barrel, and more importantly the rubber O-ring on the section as well as “To fill press ribbed bar firmly 4 times holding pen point down, wipe with soft tissue” on the filling bar.

Its great pen to use for small typeface letters, such as writing in pockets notebooks and similar activities. It is very clean pen with steady ink flow, no ink mess, and also a very easy pen to clean and maintain.


The principle difference between the Special and anormal aerometric is that the Special uses a steel alloy nibinstead of k gold. The second lacks thisengraving but if you pull out the nib youll find that it is made inBrazil. The referee was breaking the action each time both boxers were on the inside even when they were still throwing shots.

Parker used his movement well to slip a lot of Joshuas attack but in doing so did not do enough himself to win more rounds. This demonstratoris manufactured in clear plastic showing the tubular nib andenclosing collector also in clear plastic. This pushed Hughie Fury to become next in line for a title shot.

From the Parker 51 Vacumatic to the more recent Parker 51 Special Edition. In Parker change the filling system to an “Aero-metric”, which consisted of a.

The Parker 51 Ball Pens are now quite rare simply because they were such good pens they were used extensively. Most of them just wore out. Made in the UK this is a very good example of this model dating from the mid sixties. It is finished in Teal Blue with a lovely rolled gold cap. It is in good order throughout with only minor marks.

There are no dings in the cap. It has the earlier steel cap threads which adds to its desirability. The mechanism works perfectly. We are very lucky here at Vintage Fountain Pens Ltd as we are able to continue to run the business from home.

Parker Date-Codes Reference

Black hard rubber cap top. Triple gold filled center bands and ferrule. Twist to extend and retract 1. Fresh eraser installed.

Follow tom parker 51 vacumatic fountain pen in parker’s premier line. Richard binder’s Countless scribes, serviced, the vacumatic 51 aerometric fillers. Pen in​.

The nib is an elegant answer to a question of aesthetics and function. It has a characteristic shape that, with a few notable exceptions, has remained very much unchanged for one hundred years. In an effort to recognize a common language about pen nibs, I have given this article over to examining the nib’s anatomy. The following are terms in use, as well as an outline of the structure of pen nibs. This confusion continues today, encouraging people to think that replacement nibs for vintage fountain pens are readily available.

The body of the nib provides the shape and rigidity to hold the tines in position to write. It also provides a cover for the flow of ink and the return of air along the feed. The rolled top surface of the nib makes an ideal billboard for the maker’s name, logo or any other design IMPRINT that they want to display. The use of a second colored metal, such as a platinum wash, on top of the gold base, offers an even greater range of design possibility here.

The shape of the body can be described as a sectioned and truncated cone. It is manufactured by stamping and rolling the shape from a tapered sheet of gold. A nib tapers from the tines and shoulders down to the tail where it can be as thin as 3 thousandths of an inch thick. In its thickest area, near the point, it can be 30 thousandths of an inch, comparable to half the thickness of this publication.

A Brief History of The Parker 51 Fountain Pen

This is a Parker 51 Aerometric with a frosted finish Lustraloy cap in Blue c. Between these stampings on each side is a 51 logo stamping. The cap is tapered more than earlier caps, similar to the Parker This is a Parker 51 Aerometric Demi Signet in Black with the converging lines pattern gold filled cap date coded Parker stopped dating pens at some point in the s.

A throw back photo from of a cool fantasy

Dating parker vacumatic pens; Dating a schwinn bike; Uniform dating delete Parker 51 – See our 51, Vac, & Aerometric tools and 51 & Vac Parts on their.

It is time for another pencil post to break up the fountain pen stuff…though they are all related. These pencils were sold to match the corresponding Vacumatic 51 in both barrel color and cap design. Here is the photo of the pencil before I had a chance to clean and polish it. The twist mechanism works perfectly and the eraser and lead supply are full. I polished the lead cone and cap with a jewelers cloth. I then polished the barrel with scratch remover, finishing polish, and buffed on a coat of carnuba wax.

Below is the finished product. The lighting does not do the pencil justice. It is the Cordovan Brown color. These pencils were usually not date stamped until the Aerometric 51 pencils came along so I have no idea of the date of the pen. It is marked that it was made in the U.

The Anatomy of a Nib

In use as a short review of the cap. Buy medium m collectable parker started using in their pens and i decided to prevent an uncommon feature of the vacumatic double jewel fountain pen. Still hunting parker introduced the large diameter jotter is famous parker vac desk set, the year span. Instead it has been on the time determining what kind of the wild withtwo different vacumatic cedar blue.

After that regularly marked on how were imitated by a very neat parker largely.

VINTAGE PARKER 51 AEROMETRIC FOUNTAIN PEN GRAY BODY AND SILVER Parker 51 Maroon Barrel Lustraloy Cap Dated Aerometric Filler.

Quite possible the seminal Parker fountain pen. First produced in , introducing the concept of the hooded nib and with a production run in multiple countries which lasted for just over 30 years, this must be one of the best known modern day writing implements. It was while clearing out a holiday flat that my father and I found a pair of Parker 51s.

This one, a black bodied aerometric with steel cap and grey cap jewel will almost certainly be UK made and also probably from between and based on the excellent info on the Parker Penography website. I never really used my 51 as a kid, probably as with my 45 Harlequin because it looked dated, however also possibly because it lays down quite a thick line. In more recent times it has shown just how well made and durable it is as I left it loaded with J.

Herbin Storm Grey for several years, with no issues or hard starts, even with infrequent use. It is odd that a lot of fountain pen bloggers talk about ink matching — keeping the colour of the ink close to the colour of the pen. I seem to have gone for a variation here as I stick to black inks because the pen looks like a more serious writing implement, the sort of thing you would expect a bank manager or lawyer to sign deals with.

This does bring about an interesting observation. It was designed in the s possibly late s and was probably made for 10 years too long, yet now it looks old but not dated. In the hands of a younger person, to a non fountain pen user, it will probably look like the 51 belonged to their father not grand or great grand father.

It has carried across the generations rather well, especially when you look at many of its rivals from its early days, which do now look like they belong to a different age, museum pieces. Not so this Parker.

Vintage Week #4: The Parker 51

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