Johns Hopkins Dating Scene – College Chick Breakdowns: The Girls of Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Dating Scene – College Chick Breakdowns: The Girls of Johns Hopkins University

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Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS

The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be possible. These are ALL from my personal observations and not from any books. I will try to explain the dating system for the SKS rifle. The Albanian SKS is dated using the numbers on the left side of the receiver. The year is actually stamped into the receiver.

Note after the serial number there is a dash and then the last two digits of the year.

sure which. The Arsenal is usually marked on the dating of the. for the SKS rifle. The Albanian SKS is dated using the numbers on the left side of the yugo.

Register Here Menu. Members List Social Groups Calendar. April 19th, , PM kmittleman. April 19th, , PM zoostation. Images: I used to collect them. Yes, the Yugos are nice weapons as long as they were not left to rust from corrosive ammo. While the Yugoslavian Army was very disciplined about weapons maintenance, after the breakup, not so much. And corrosive 7. The Eastern Bloc armies loved it for reliability after long term depot storage. A couple to mention. Albanians are rare and certain years are very rare driving up the value.

Russians from my experience still have the best quality.

Sks Rifle Serial Number Lookup

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The SKS carbine or Samozariadnyia Karabina Simonova was the first Soviet series China, East Germany, North Korea, Romania, Vietnam and Yugoslavia. of a circle symbol along with a date of manufacture, which like the Tula markings.

Depending on the rifle’s nation of origin, you can usually determine its manufacturing date from the serial number or a separate date stamp. Inspect the rifle for any Cyrillic or Asian language characters that could help you determine its country of origin. Some rifles have no identifying characters, but Russian, Chinese and Korean rifles may. Look at an Albanian rifle’s serial number. At the end of the serial number, there is a dash followed by two numbers.

These two numbers indicate the date of manufacture.

Dating a yugoslavian sks. Dark obsession dating

This weapon was developed in the Soviet Union as a replacement for the Mosin Nagant. It was designed to utilize an intermediate round which was the 7. The SKS has a conventional carbine layout, with a wooden stock and no pistol grip. Most versions are fitted with an integral folding bayonet which rotates downward from the end of the barrel. The basic design lacks both selective fire capability and a detachable magazine ; however, there are aftermarket modifications available which provide the SKS with selective-fire capability the ability to fire in either semi-automatic or full-automatic mode.

Some selective-fire variants were produced in the PRC , and many SKS’s have been modified in various ways to accept detachable magazines; however, the basic design of the SKS is semi-automatic and fixed-magazine in nature.

Yugoslavian SKS available now at your Boise Impact guns. $ see link below for details!.

A complete analysis of the Communist Bloc’s SKS Carbine the first detailed study of this fine, collectible carbine in twenty-five years. Every part analyzed to tell you how to determine its country of origin and whether or not those parts are compatible between SKS carbines of different national manufacturers. This famed Soviet-designed shoulder arm, which together with the AK, armed hundreds of thousands of National Liberation Front fighters from Vietnam to Angola.

It was manufactured in six countries and its total production ran into the tens of millions. That vast number not only provides a fertile field for collectors, but helps keep prices low enough to make the SKS carbine a fine plinking and hunting rifle. The SKS Carbine examines the firearm on a part-by-part basis so that you can determine 1 which parts are original on a particular SKS carbine, 2 in which country they were produced, 3 which of those parts are interchangeable between different manufacturers and which are not, 4 how to read serial numbers to determine date of manufacture and country of origin, and 5 what the inspection markings stamped on metal and wood parts mean.

An expanded list of factory codes for the Chinese SKS carbines has been made available to the authors by collector Howard Bearse. That information and more has also been included in this 5th revised and expanded edition of The SKS Carbine.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number

Simonov System Self loading Carbine. The domestic Mosin Nagant design in 7. In the early ‘s a decision was made to concentrate on the Mosin Nagant Dragoon rifle and the 7. It was realized that these were not the best available and work was undertaken to develop new designs.

Survivor’s SKS Boards» CLASSIC, Any help on dating a Norinco 11/17/ 9​ PM HeavyMetal Russian dust cover on yugo sks? win.

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Hello all. Firearms and then the same part from my sks survey v2. Mar 4, Does anyone know, europe or asia and may not been posted from factory codes. Sks is the sks rifle it is problematic.

Yugo sks dating. Yugo SKS Dating?

The Kragujevac plant was known by this name between —, so this bayonet would have been made during that period. Differences from the M bayonet produced in the U. It has been through overhaul, as evidenced by the deep blued finish.

Originally manufactured by the Soviet Union, China, Yugoslavia, Albania, North Korea, SKS Serial Numbers | Serial Number Lookup and dating an SKS Rifle.

The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7. The SKS was an extremely reliable, simply constructed weapon with two unique distinguishing characteristics: a permanently attached folding bayonet, and a hinged non-detachable magazine. However, it was incapable of fully automatic fire and limited by its ten round magazine capacity, and was rendered obsolete by the introduction of the AK in the s. The SKS was manufactured at Tula Arsenal from to , and at the Izhevsk Arsenal from to , resulting in a total Soviet production of about 2.

Throughout the Cold War , millions of SKS carbines were also manufactured under license in China , Yugoslavia , and a number of countries friendly to the Soviet bloc. The SKS remains popular on the civilian market as a hunting and marksmanship arm in many countries, including the United States and Canada. The SKS has a conventional layout, with a wooden stock and rifle grip.

Brand New SKS Rifle?

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